jPutty was created for developers who can not stand to set the location of blocks in web pages using css-properties (position, left, right, top, bottom, margin, padding, float etc.)

It should be used by those who can write easier detail the formula to calculate the coordinates and size of each block on web pages given all the necessary details of the dynamic and adaptive layout.

According to statistics, more than 99% of users are enabled JavaScript in their browsers. Moreover, the following approach can even take care of the rest users: initially created a web page with a primitive and simple layout, which, however, must be fully working. Next, jQuery and jPutty-plugin include, implementing any complex positioning blocks. The problem with cross-browser disappears by itself, and users who have JavaScript disabled (< 1%), see the primordial, even primitive, but a fully working layout.

For this reason, the plugin is called putty, it allows you to putty web pages for the most (> 99%) users.